TQ5474 : Home House


The building was built circa 1800, and changed its mode of operation 5 times. In the 18th century the house was a private residence just numbered 44 High Street. Then sometime in the 1800s it was sold and re-branded as Bank House and was incorporated into Dartford’s Central Park, with its large garden and pond joining the museum and library grounds. It then appears, from varied sources, that Bank House was used as a bank with the very first town councillor using part of the building.

In 1910 Bank House on the High Street [was] completely converted into Council Offices with much of its garden staying [and] added to the Central Recreation Ground, with access from the High Street along an alleyway.

In 1926 Market Street was constructed through part of the grounds behind Bank House in order to give greater access to the park and library.

This would be when Bank House was changed, as now there is no back access, nor alley, or even a hint it was ever connected to Dartford Park, though from the back windows the museum and park can be seen across the road. Iceland now backs onto this very old historic building https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/home-house-dartford-kent-nov-18.116941/