TQ2075 : The Model Cottages, SW14 – February 2021


I notice that the images I’ve shared in the past have shown very little of the dwellings themselves – showing instead the passage of the same name, and the ‘mature’ gardens. The ‘cottages’ (quite substantial, really) originated as philanthropic dwellings in the mid-19th century.

To my knowledge, none of the cottages have back gardens. The passage runs north-south, and the properties on the east side have biggish front gardens – many of them little suburban jungles. A few have been partly cleared to make parking spaces – a trend which diminishes the overall character of the place.

However, from my photographic point of view the cleared spaces offer an opportunity. On a bright day in February I was able to sneak into one of them to get a view of the cottages themselves, before springtime growth hides them again.